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New To Archery?

We take pride in bringing new people into archery and former archers back to once again having fun with archery.  The web pages that follow are designed to help you understand that archery can play a meaningful role in your life regardless of your past experiences with archery.  Our club members come from all age groups and interests.  Memberships are family memberships.  We would like nothing better than to help you understand and appreciate the fun that archery can bring to you and your family.

Where should a non-archer start?

Contained within the Links section of this site is a pull down menu for “Local Pro Shops.”  Click on the one located nearest to you for their hours of operation and location.  The fine people running these shops are more than happy to demonstrate equipment and give lessons at their facilities.

You are also encouraged to visit the Briones Archery Range located about three quarters of a mile from the Bear Creek Staging Area parking lot.  Non-members must walk to the range whereas members drive in.  If a club member is present, don’t fail to ask them to help you.  Briones is a public range.  Go to The Range button on this site for directions.

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